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How Bodyslims has tranformed their lives.


Stacey Mulligan from Ballybrack
Weight lost – 2.5 stone 11 pounds.

" I'v joined every slimming group there is after having my now nearly 2 year old daughter and failed at all of them. 

I used the excuse I'v just had a baby' for over a year and a half and at the time I thought that was a reasonable excuse to be the weight I was (to be honest it was just an excuse to make myself feel better). 
That was until I met Gerard who made it very clear that having a baby is not an excuse, unless you ate the baby! 

I am now just over 33 pounds down (nearly 2 and half stone) in just 9 weeks . The difference is just amazing. I am such a happier person. I have gained my confidence back, Im wearing clothes I never thought I would wear again and most of all I have so much more energy to do fun day to day things with my daughter!

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I can't thank you and your team enough Gerard. You have completely changed my outlook on life on a daily basis! 
I'm a so looking forward to the next 10 week programme in september!"


Chris Rees - Driving Instructor
Weight lost - 5 stone

"My name is Chris Rees . I'm originally from Wales but have been living in Dublin since 1990 and now live in Stillorgan. I'm a driving Instructor and over the last number of years had been on a one way journey of increasing weight.

Two years ago on returning from holiday in the States I was shocked when I weighed myself to find I was over 270 lbs. The heaviest I'd ever been. I decided enough was enough and it was time to change. Over the next few months I managed to lose 20 lbs and thought I was doing great but got no further and stayed at that weight until January this year.

It was then my wife told me about Bodyslims, I can honestly say I'd never heard of it before but looked at the web site and decided why not give it a go.

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I signed up for the January course and went along to the first meeting not knowing what to expect and thinking if I could lose a bit more weight it couldn't be that bad. I weighed in at 249.8 lbs a number I will never forget .

Gerard was inspirational and what he said just clicked . It was so simple and made total sense, Count your calories and walk for an hour every day. That was the start. I went home that night and went out for my first walk (in the snow). It wasn't easy but I did it. That Sunday was the first walk in Dun Laoghaire, I was one of the slowest there but I did it and couldn't believe how fast some of my fellow bodyslimmers were walking but the walking revolution had begun and I haven't missed a day walking since.

At the end of the first week I lost 12lbs and began to believe that Bodyslims was a little different to all the other weight loss programs I'd tried.  Every week I lost weight by listening to Gerard and doing what he said when he said it. 

I dared to dream and soon the dream was becoming a reality. 1 stone, 2 stone this was really working.  At the end of the 10 weeks I lost 4 stone and had gone from one of the slowest walking in Dun Laoghaire to being up with the quickest. I was losing weight and getting much fitter as well

I signed up for a second program as I felt I wanted to lose a bit more weight and half way through that program I reached my target . I had lost 5 stone and now weigh  less than 180 lbs since starting Bodyslims and know that it has completely changed my life. 

I walk every day and would feel lost if I didn't. I go to the gym and feel far healthier than I have for years. I know I will never go back to the old me thanks to Gerard and all the Bodyslims team.
 You have completely changed me for the better and I owe you all a very big THANK YOU


Alan Miller - Warehouse Team Lead and security manager DiaSorin Ire Ltd
Weight lost -7 stone
Sizes dropped - 44 waist to 34 waist

"My name is Alan Millar and I live in Tallaght. I work for a Medical Diagnostics Company (DiaSorin Ire LTD) in the Sandyford Area. I am now Warehouse Team Lead and Security Manager (but this wasn't always the case, see below).

My journey with Bodyslims started with my wife conning me to go to The Talbot Hotel in Stillorgan (for what I can no longer remember) Here I met The Bodyslims Team and all I thought is.... "What have I been conned into?" But I love my wife.......so I stayed. At first I wasn't too sure about it but I did follow the plan. I lost a couple of pounds that very first week and then after a few weeks I was down nearly a Stone.

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I began to feel the difference. Friends and family started to notice the difference which helped me grow in confidence. By the end of my first 10 weeks I was down 3 stone and was about to go on holidays feeling very good about myself. I decided that I would go back to see how far I could improve myself and I have now completed 3 courses of Bodyslims and in that time I lost approx 7 stone and my fitness levels have improved drastically.

I have gone from a size 42/44 waist to a comfortable 34 waist and from XXXL/XXL to a large, I now no longer need to go to camping shops to buy tents for myself (LOL). This is not a Weight Loss program as such, it is a lifestyle change, and I like so many others "Are Bodyslims" When I started Bodyslims I was a Warehouse Operative but with regaining my confidence and increasing my energy levels I was promoted to the positions I now hold within the company.

Meeting Gerard was probably one of the best thing to happen to me and his words are always in my head like some kind of Jedi Master. So my future is now looking better all thanks to my Wife for conning me and the Bodyslims Team. So again thank you. P.S. Remember " The Weight Whisper will be with you ..... always"


Elaine Willoughby - Loughlinstown
Weight lost - 5.5 stone

"My name is Elaine Willoughby and I'm from Loughlinstown. I started my bodyslims journey in January 2017 and have lost 5.5 stone. When I first started the course I thought if I could lose a couple of stone that would be great.

Well I lost that couple of stone but soon realised I need to lose more and no better man than Gerard Moran to drive me in the right direction. "Workers are winners, losers make excuses." The plan is simple, eat less move more. We have all heard it before, implementing it not so easy till you meet Gerard and start doing what he tells you to do when he tells you and how he tells. Put simply you do it his way!

Everyone has a different journey on Bodyslims. I carried weight all my life so I didn't have a blueprint of where I wanted to get back to. Change blindness is something Gerard talks about and something I can relate to. I remember when I had lost 3 stone feeling like I was at my heaviest.

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Bizarre I know but it shows how powerful the mind is and that's the thing about Bodyslims they address all these mind issues. I have done 5 courses now and each time I have taken something new away from it. Walking is a big part of the programme. It is my "hour of power" and without a shadow of a doubt become such a positive in my life. There are days when I wish I didn't have to go to work and just keep walking.

Many people that have asked me about the programme fear the walking or worry about doing the Sunday walk and being slow. The walk is structured in a way that there is no such thing as being last!! It doesn't matter how far you go or what speed you do the most important thing is that you are there and you walk for an hour.

When I first started I was slow. Those days are gone. This June I did my pb bodyslims walk, hoped on a dart and then did the women's mini marathon. I wish I had a video of my early walks to show people now. Walking is time I now spend reflecting on how far I have come, sometimes I get a little emotional but they are tears of joy:) I'm in a real good place now mentally and physically thanks to Bodyslims. I get a real buzz when I'm hanging the washing on the line looking at my jeans and thinking OMG I fit into them. It's been worth every penny.

In January this year my brother started the programme and has lost a whopping 5 stone. It meant a lot to me to get him on board. It's been great watching his transformation. It's not just about the waist line. He is much happier, less stressed and has a lot more pep in his step. It goes without saying that I owe Gerard, Sharon and all the Bodyslims team a huge thanks for everything.

Throughout the courses I have got chatting and heard stories from people who have been so inspiring and extremely encouraging so a big thank you to all of you too. You are all Brilliant xx


Jennifer Martin - Project Manager
Weight lost - 4 stone

"Hi, I’m Jen Martin, a Project Manager living in Sandyford. Oh my goodness - I can’t believe I’ve got here!!!! I have been talking for YEARS about getting slim enough for summer so I could feel “better” about myself when the weather was warm and (just maybe) I could wear clothes that were not about just covering myself up.

My friends and family are probably sick of my talking about it. On 18th September 2017 I started Bodyslims, having seen a couple of my friends having brilliant results - “well, I’ve tried everything and they look great, so it’s another weight loss system worth trying right”?? From that first night, I don’t know how many times I felt that Gerard was talking to me directly - how did he get inside my head? How did he know what I was thinking??

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Since September 2017 to June 2018 I’ve lost 54 lbs and love how much more confident I feel and just happy in my own skin. I’ve been able to buy the type of clothes that I’ve looked at for years but felt I’d look like I was pretending to be a young ‘wan’. My husband and kids have been so fantastic in supporting me throughout the whole experience, cheering my achievements with me, and they have now joined me in my walk each day, even after I got to my goal weight, because I feel I’m missing something if I don’t walk every day and they want to feel as fit as I do.

Gerard and the whole BodySlims team are so supportive. When I was trying to get a faster walking time one November Sunday in Dun Laoghaire, Seán kept me going by saying “you’ve no problem - you’re chatting to me now without even being out of breath, push on”, and I did. I’m still improving my walking time and loving it!!

Thanks Gerard, Sharon, Seán, Jenny and the whole gang for empowering us to understand what we need to do - it’s not hard but we just need to do what you tell us, when you tell us and learn a new way of life. I’m there now and refuse to give it up.

Look forward to joining you in Dun Laoghaire in September, as a veteran!!


Ann Nolan - Stepaside
Weight Lost - 4 stone
Sizes dropped - 18-20 to 12-14

"My name is Ann Nolan from Stepaside and I work in Insurance. I've lost approx 4 stone with Bodyslims over 3 courses. I am down from a size 18-20 to a 12-14. I started with Bodyslims after seeing the results that my Aunts and Cousin were getting from the Course.

I was blown away by how much fun it was and how incredibly motivating and positive AND entertaining each session was. As you are told from the start if you do what you are told the weight will fall off and it does!! It is not always easy but it is always doable and what sets Bodyslims apart from any other weight loss crews is that they make you want to succeed, they encourage you all the way and the support is incredible.

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Many of my friends and work colleagues have now done at least one course with Bodyslims and the changes are simply amazing. Gerard calls me the 'Horsey Girl' and one of my main motivations was that I felt I was getting too heavy to ride and that it was unfair on the horse ( he's not very big!!) it's a big part of what I do and what makes me happy.. so I am genuinely thrilled and delighted with the results

I would recommend them to anyone, if you are dithering about it all, just make the decision to go.. you have absolutely nothing to lose and you might even lose a LOT!!!


Liz Scaife - Stillorgan
Weight lost - 4 stone 10lbs

"My name is Liz Scaife and I live in Stillorgan. I retired in June 2016 shortly after the birth of my granddaughter on my 60th birthday. On retirement I promised myself that I would lose weight. However, “the best laid plans of mice and men” … and one year later I hadn’t lost an ounce and if anything, had gained weight.

The turning point was when I heard two small boys describe me as the “fat lady.” My daughter and I had a look at the Bodyslims website and decided to join up in September 2017. We didn’t know what to expect on the first night, I certainly didn’t think that I would enjoy the experience.

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However, everyone was very friendly, Gerard’s talk interesting and highly amusing so the night flew by. I was hooked, and it worked, by November 2017 I had lost over 2 stone (a modest amount compared to some of the other Bodyslimmers) and was absolutely delighted. I immediately signed up for January 2018. I dared to dream! By the time of my 62nd birthday I had lost over 4 stone and celebrated by buying some new clothes and booking a holiday to Borneo for my 63rd.

I have now lost 4 stone 10 lbs in total, feel 10 years younger and have a much more positive mental attitude. The startling thing for me is that people I know were passing me by as they didn’t recognise me.

I realised it wasn’t just the weight loss, it had changed the way I moved, the clothes I was wearing and my general demeanour. I would recommend Bodyslims to anyone who wants to lose weight, be it a stone or many, many stones. The results speak for themselves and you will have the help and support of an amazing group of people and Gerard’s words will stay with you, whether you want them to or not!

Thank you Gerard, Sharon, Sean and all the team (please forgive if I don’t mention you all by name). "


Siobhan Hickey - Foxrock
Weight lost -  3.5 stone

"My name is Siobhán Hickey. I live in Foxrock and I work in a GP practice. Last summer I knew I had to do something about my escalating weight. I had joined a number of weight loss programmes in the past and was initially successful but eventually ended up putting the weight back on. I knew a number of people who had tried the Bodyslims programme and were very successful so felt it was worth another try to get my weight under control.

The big draw for me was the idea that the programme would sort out my head as I knew what I needed to do (eat less and move more) but I also knew I needed the guidance of a good programme to get me there. I was blaming my weight gain on a number of things – my age, my family circumstances and stress but in truth they were all excuses. I came to my first night of Bodyslims on 19th September 2017 and I listened to Gerard.

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I understood what he was saying but I wasn’t sure I could do it. It felt like hard work and I wasn’t sure I was up to it but felt I had to give it a go. I went home that night and took my photos as requested and downloaded all the info from the website and worked out what I was going to eat.

It wasn’t easy and instead of snacking on chocolate I was snacking on raspberries! My weight started to come off steadily each week until I got to the 6th week when I broke a bone in my foot and I really thought that was it but Gerard and the team encouraged me to focus on the food and eat within the calories I was given and low and behold I continued to lose weight! By the end of the 10 weeks I was down 2 stone and felt fantastic. It was hard work but boy was it worth it. However, I did feel that I hadn’t finished on the high I was expecting as

I felt I hadn’t completed the programme “properly” with my broken bone which had stopped me walking so I signed up for the next programme in January 2018. This time I knew it was possible to lose weight and got stuck in second time around and lost another stone. In hail, rain and snow I was out walking – it was becoming part of my regime.

People around me were noticing and commenting on how well I was looking and I can honestly say that I was feeling the best I had ever felt about myself. I took out the photo I took on the first night and compared it with the most recent photo and realised what I had achieved but was afraid like on previous occasions I would go back to my old ways so I signed up for the programme after Easter to bed in what I had learnt. I finished up losing 3st 6lbs and I have to say I am happy where I am and feel I have changed my habits.

I realised I can say NO now quite confidently and I don’t feel deprived. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Gerard, Sharon, Seán and all the Bodyslims Team for their understanding and encouragement – you are all FANTASTIC. There is no magic wand when it comes to losing weight – it is hard work but it is so so worth it. So if you are even contemplating losing weight and are determined to change current habits you should give Bodyslims a try and you too could feel as good as I do now. "


Joan Casey  - Stillorgan
Weight lost - 3 stone

"My name is Joan Casey. I live in Stillorgan. I was privileged to be a primary school teacher for thirty years before I joined Hollypark GNS, Foxrock as principal for another eight happy years.I retired in June 2015, sad to be leaving this wonderful school but excited to begin a new phase of my life.

In July 2015, I received devastating news that I had breast cancer. That September, I had surgery and the successful treatment finished in October 2016. Halfway through the treatment in April 2016, one Sunday on Dun Laoghaire pier, I noticed a 'relatively happy group of fast walkers' wearing Bodyslims vests. After a little research I joined Bodyslims. Bodyslims helped me to do what I had wanted to do for some considerable time.

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Together with the amazing guidance and support of Gerard, Sharon and the entire Bodyslims team plus much focus, hard work and determination on my part, I achieved my weight loss goal after completing four ten week sessions. By June 2017, I had lost 40 pounds! More importantly, I continue to maintain that weight loss and I feel great. Thank you Bodyslims.

Following on from that personal achievement, I embarked on a series of challenges. On July 1, 2017, I cycled the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle (180km). In October 2017, I walked the Dublin City Marathon ( 26 miles) in 8 hours 6 minutes and encouraged many others along the route to finish.

In May 2018, I completed a twelve day trek to Everest Base Camp ( 5356m). I am very proud of these achievements which would not have been possible had I not joined Bodyslims and began the journey of healthy eating and walking. I suggest you give Bodyslims a chance.

Give yourself a chance. Take the Bodyslims way to change your life in more ways than weight loss. Remember the road is yours. If I can make it happen so can you. To quote Gerard: 'It's simple, just do what I say!' Join Bodyslims now. Best wishes on your journey. Joan.


John Willoughby - Wexford
Weight lost -  5 stone

"My name is John Willoughby. I'm from Gorey Co Wexford. I have just finished my 2nd bodyslims session and I have lost a total of 5 stone. On the very first night in January I didn't know what to expect. I was apprehensive and a little nervous however I got talking to one of the team members (Sean) and he soon put me at ease. I still remember my first pier walk.

The heavens opened and I thought this walk is going to be cancelled after me driving all the way up but oh no off we set. Although I was unfit I really enjoyed the walk and felt brilliant after it. I haven't missed any of the walks and I can now complete both piers and much quicker now that I have lost the weight.

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Back in January I wouldn't have thought I'd be signed up again looking forward to doing another course. Gerrard not only educates you he also entertains you and I have had many laughs along the way.

I'd like to thank Gérard, Sharon and all the Bodyslims team who have been so encouraging and supportive every week. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in September. Regards John


Rebecca Scaife - Stillorgan
Weight lost - 4.5 Stone

"My name is Rebecca and I’m from Stillorgan. Over the last few years my weight crept up and up and I reached my heaviest last summer. I’ve always been quite body confident and my weight has never bothered me hugely, but I’ve also always had it in the back of my mind that I must get around to losing the excess weight.

In hindsight, this little niggle took up way more head space than it needed to and now that it’s ticked off the list I can get on with enjoying my life! I love to travel, I love clothes and dressmaking and I love to socialise with my family and friends - all of these things are so much easier and more enjoyable now that I’m a sensible and healthy weight! .

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Myself and my mum joined Bodyslims in September 2017. A few of our neighbours had lost weight on the programme and our friend Ann’s transformation was so amazing that we decided we had to give it a go. On the first night, while we waited for Gerard to start his talk, we chatted about what to expect. We agreed to keep an open mind, we didn’t care what Gerard said or what we thought of the process, we’d seen the results and if that’s what we could have too we were willing to trust him 100% for the ten weeks.

The ten weeks turned out to be really enjoyable and flew by. I wouldn’t say that the weight sheeted off me (it does for some people) but I lost weight consistently every single week. By Christmas I’d lost almost two stone and felt fantastic. I had so much energy, mentally and physically. Others will agree with this, the physical change was the smallest, the mental change was the most notable. I had an incredible Christmas, I did loads instead of sitting in front of the TV. I didn’t go bananas on the food and booze - I indulged somewhat but not to the point where I became upset or disgusted at myself as I would have done before. Who was this new person?!

I’ve done two more Bodyslims programmes since and I’ve lost almost 4.5 stone. My body shape change is remarkable, I didn’t even have this shape as a teenager - who knew a bit of walking could do so much! I’ve a little more weight to lose and I’m excited to return to Bodyslims in September to round off a great year. My husband also joined Bodyslims and lost weight on the programme - as a family we’ve learnt to live a more healthy and happy lifestyle and we’re setting a much better example for our daughter than we were before. Anyone thinking about joining, please just do it. There’s no bull or sugar coating with Bodyslims but equally there’s no embarrassment or judgement either. I’ve only ever felt supported by the team and the other members of the group.

If you’re shy don’t worry, weigh in is private and takes two minutes, then it’s over. You can blend into the background and still get the same amazing results. Bodyslims is so different to anything I’ve ever done before. The walking is like an hour of active mindfulness every day, it really makes you think, appreciate everything you have and makes you live in the moment. Every week there isn’t the endless chat about food and depriving yourself, the programme is totally focused on the positive. Forget everything you think you know about diet and exercise, keep an open mind and enjoy the process.

Thanks so much to the Bodyslims team! We’ve been through sun, rain, snow and a hurricane together - you guys are always there to support and are always smiling. I’m delighted to be so close to my dream weight but I’ll miss you all when I’m there! Rebecca xxx


Therese Hunt - Blackrock
Weight lost - 2 stone
Sizes dropped - 2 dress sizes

"I'm Therese Hunt from Blackrock and in January 2016 I was out at lunch with a couple of friends, one of whom looked a “million dollars” and I asked her what had she been up to?! She told us all about the Weight Whisperer! That was it, I sent an email that day and as the January course had already started I got my name down for April.

By the time April came along I had 3 friends committed like myself and we never looked back! I remember filling out our Agreement Form the first week and I put down that I would like to lose 10lbs, but I was talking to Gerard that night and he said “Dare to Dream, you can do better”. personally I thought he was a bit cheeky! I mean a 1lb a week, I would be delighted with that!

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But I did what he said and at the end of the first course I had lost over 2 stone! Along with my friends we did a couple of the 10 week courses and I’m delighted to say that the weight stayed off and in fact I lost another stone and 2 dress sizes!

Since last year I have stayed pretty much at the same weight but I keep up my walks and watch what I eat to a certain extent but it’s second nature at this stage and no hardship. I am now both excited and honoured to be part of the Bodyslims Team since Christmas.

Everyone is so encouraging and great to work with and most of us have had to lose the weight so we can relate to each and everyone we meet every week on the courses. Joining Bodyslims was the best decision I had made in a long time. Thérèse x


Anna Grainger - Houses of the Oireachtas...parliamentary assistant to a senator
Weight lost - 3 stone

"I'm Anna Grainger from Dundrum, and I work for the Houses of the Oireachtas as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Senator. Bodyslims has given me that million dollar feeling that cannot be bought. It’s has recaptured that feeling of a time when I felt I was at my fittest and healthiest. Back then, my main sport was swimming and I was a serious competitive swimmer and loved every second of it.

Training twice a day, once before school and once after school between 3 – 4 hours daily, I felt alive, alert, fit, healthy, challenged and always chasing my next personal best. These were the years that ignited my competitive streak..

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From a young age I became acutely aware of how my active lifestyle permitted me to stay involved and to continue to do so much. It was something that was always to the forefront of my mind and I must say, I never thought that I would ever end up having issues concerning my weight, but the fact of the matter was that with the passing of every decade I became acutely aware that not only did my bathroom scales increase by a whopping 14lbs my clothes sizes were also following that upward only trend. Now 14lbs over 10 years is nothing really when you consider it.

A mere 1.4lbs a year, not only did I think that was ok, I thought it was actually pretty good, after all don’t we all gain poundage as the years progress! Until you do the calculation over the decades and guess what, it’s incredible how comfortable you become revisiting your original analogy of 1.4lbs per annum is acceptable. Except it’s not and I knew what direction I was heading if I didn’t take matters into my own hands.

I’m not sure whether it was completely coincidental that turning a new decade made me think of the inevitable expanding waistline I had to look forward to, or whether it was hearing the news that Ireland is racing past all other countries to ensure first prize in becoming the most obese country in the world. Perhaps it was thinking of the abundance of beautiful clothes I had in my wardrobe, waiting to fit into or the fact that I had just been advised by former Olympian swimmer and team member, Gary O’Toole, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, to quit running / jogging because my knees would not tolerate the pounding any longer and advised to go back swimming or was it just that I was quite simply deeply unhappy with myself.

More than likely a combination of all of the above played a part in me taking decisive steps to get on my weight back to a place where I was happy with myself again. I’m an emotional eater and love all things sweet. I turn to the wrong food when I’m upset, for comfort, when I’m happy to celebrate, when I’m bored for something to do, there’s always an excuse. It’s madness what we put ourselves through always trying to fill that ‘hole in the soul’ Gerard Moran aka The Weight Whisperer, aptly named, speaks to your emotions through your mind, whether you want him to or not!


Barbara Joyce - Ringsend
Weight lost - 4 stone

"Just a quick word on how I am getting on in my new life - in March 2016 - we as a family decided to climb Bray Head on St. Patricks day. There were 36 of us and I was the last one up the hill. Struggling to breath and in pain.

This year in July 2018 I went to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Not to sit in the sunshine and read my books but to walk the hills and mountains around the Amalfi coast. I walked over the crest of Mount Vesuvius - two years ago I would have shaken in my boots if someone had asked me to climb a volcano or mountain.

To top it all off I went to see the blue grotto on Capri - this involved getting into a small boat and laying down in the boat while it was maneuverer into a small cave. xxxxx

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It was a magnificent sight to behold and again two years ago I would not have gotten into the small boat because I was too embarrassed that when I stepped into it the boat it would sink. By losing the weight by calorie counting and walking my life has improved beyond my wildest dreams.

The things I put off doing before because of my size no longer exist, before I would have said "I am afraid of heights" - "I am afraid of Water" . These were just excuses because I was afraid my weight would cause the boat to sink etc.

This programme and Ger's weekly seminars are absolutely brilliant and if followed correctly and diligently it will work wonderfully for you. Don't let yourself down by joining the programme and then not following the weekly guidelines. Look at other people's results, read what they have said, they are enjoying the benefits of losing weight and been healthy. Forever grateful to Ger and his wonderful team. Barbara Joyce


Jacqueline Tracey - Marks and Spenser Manager
Weight lost - 5.5 stone
Sizes dropped - 4 sizes

"My name is Jacqueline Tracey, I'm from Glasthule and I work in Marks and Spencer Blackrock. Having tried every slimming program on the market for years, I finally decided to join Bodyslims in sheer desperation as nothing else had ever worked for me. I knew Gerard Moran to see as a customer in the store and I got talking to him one day just before the course began, I told him that I had signed up to join " his gang". Gerard told me a bit of what he was about that day and I don't know what he said to me but it just "clicked".

I started Bodyslims in September 2016, and yes, it was so different to the run of the mill programs I had previously done. I "Dared to Dream" that this was the one that would work. I decided from the beginning to do everything I was told to do from day 1.

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I read my pledge, kept to my calorie allowance, kept a food diary, took the photos, started to walk 1 hour a day and committed myself to go on every Bodyslims walks (except the ones when I was working). xxxxx

And so the journey began. It took me til week 8 to make it to the bottom of the 2 piers. By May 2017, 3 programs later I reached my personal target, my weight loss was 5 and a half stone, my speed at walking improved and I finally understood what Gerard meant when he said on the first night " if you listen to him, do what he tells you, when he tells you, at the end of the program the smallest thing we will get from it is weight loss, never more had true words been spoken.

I always thought that this achievement was only ever reached by "other people" definitely not someone like me. Bodyslims is far,far more than a weight loss program, what it has given me back is certainly worth far more than a million dollars. I will always be grateful to Gerard, Sharon, Sean and all the support of the Bodyslims team.


Pat Ryan - Solicitor
Weight lost - 4.5 stone

"My name is Pat Ryan. I'm from Foxrock and I'm a solicitor. I've lost 4.5 stone over two courses which is a little more than 20% of my starting weight. I'm down from XXL to Large and I've lost 8 inches off my waist. Having heard about the results Bodyslims was getting for people that I knew, I was determined to give it a go and to succeed.

Like anything in life that is worth having - it was not easy but it was achievable and worth every bit of effort - with loads of fun along the way. I'm so delighted with the outcome. I could not have gotten the same result without the structure that the Bodyslims course provided and most importantly without the amazing support, commitment and encouragement of the Bodyslims team. xxxxx

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I now know that you can only do what you can "today" and if you string enough "todays" together the results will astound you. I made the conscious decision to forget about past disappointments and to put my trust in Gerard, Sharon and all the team and to commit 100% to the programme. I'm very glad that I did and I'm very thankful for the results achieved.

To anyone thinking abount giving Bodyslims a go, all I can say is that it will work for you provided you commit wholeheatedly "today", do what you are told to do - when you are told to do it - and (most importantly) never give up. If you get knocked back - as everyone does - get up and go again. Don't give up, never give up on yourself and prepare to be transformed. Pat Ryan


Joe Comerford - Dublin
Weight lost - 7.5 stone

"BUSTIN’ OUT WITH BODYSLIMS. The ramblings which follow are well overdue. I am a quiet man who tries to avoid the limelight but I feel that Bodyslims deserves recognition and perhaps what I say may help someone out there, so here goes. My name is Joe Comerford. I come from Carlow but have been living in Dublin for forty odd years - pending repatriation.

Last December I reached my 60th birthday. From about half time onwards my body has been subject to upwards-only weight reviews. Over the years I followed a strict diet/fitness regime developed by Robbie Coltrane. I also made a few well-meaning but half-hearted attempts, on my own, to lose weight, but with little success. xxxxx

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I even went as far as going to one meeting of ................ maybe six years ago and getting weighed in. At the meeting I spoke with a very nice mother and daughter team who had been attending meetings for three years and were about the same weight as myself. On my way home I visited the chipper. On balance a reasonably successful evening.

While eating my 1¼ pounder and chips with low cal vinegar I accepted the reality. I was fat and I was never going to be thin again. Surprisingly my weight never bothered me a great deal. I accepted it like a sports injury - you just learn to compensate for the way things are and get on with it. When you do physical work you just have to work harder and longer and sweat more. In company you get a joke in about being fat before someone else does. When you swim you wear a T shirt. When you wear a T shirt people don’t know you are fat. Then again you float better and don’t feel the cold as much. You only look at clothes that have labels - with lots of Xs on them. More Brooks Thomas than BTs. I am informed you snore a lot. Your health suffers. You die young.

During the summer of 2017 my wife spoke about a chap called Kieran who had lost four stone with a crowd called Bodyslims. Kieran doesn’t know it but from that point onwards he became my inspiration. “If he can do it maybe I can too”. On 19th September 2017 I joined Bodyslims. My ambition was to lose four stone like that Kieran guy. At my first weigh in I was 276 Lbs. From the beginning I was very conscientious about staying under 1600 kcals per day.

My personality is such that, if I allow myself any deviation, I have endless internal arguments with myself to justify bending the rules. After the first few times I always win. So it had to be all or nothing. I actually found it easier to be 100% than 95. I did try very hard to walk for an hour each day. In the beginning I would say I sssstaggered for an hour on most days containing the letter z. I turned out for my first walk with Bodyslims on 22nd October 2017. I was horrified to discover that they walked both piers and the speed they were walking at - even the slow group - was terrifying. I did complete every inch of the course though. When I reached the end everyone had gone home. I thought I could hear carol singers. I found it very difficult to make myself go out walking on the long nights after Samhain. By Halloween I had built up some level of endurance and decided to walk to work every morning instead.

Five miles in about 100 minutes. I found it easier to go out in the dark in the mornings than to go out at night - when it was dark. Eventually those guys with the defibrillator stopped following me. At the end of week ten I weighed 229Lbs. - not four stone down but I was still delighted - and amazed. I continued to work hard and by Christmas Eve I was 219Lbs. I had got my four stone just like that B. Kieran. People who knew me began to notice. I began to notice. Then it all fell apart. In one week I put on half a stone and spent two weeks losing it - just to be back where I had been three weeks before.

I started on a new Bodyslims course on 15th January 2018, weight 222 Lbs. I found the going tougher than before. I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as before, I wasn’t recording everything scrupulously and I decided that if I walked more I could eat more. Not so. I studiously avoided publicity until I hit five stone down on 5th February, at which point Gerard named me. When he did I felt tears run down my face - totally out of character for me. Surprisingly my weight bothered me a great deal - much more than I was ever prepared to admit to myself. 26th March 2018 - end of second course - weight 192lbs. By then I was a walker. 3rd July 3018 – end of third course - weight 170Lbs. Last time I was this weight I was doing the Leaving Cert and Abba had won the Eurovision a year before, in some place called Waterloo. Even in my wildest dreams I only wanted thirteen stone. What have I learned?

IT IS POSSIBLE. Gerard told me it was and now I believe him. You have to want it really badly. It is hard work and hasn’t got easier for me. “Sheer plod makes plough down silvern shine” If you do it 100% the Gerard way, you will suffer and succeed. If you do it your way you will suffer much more and have, at best, limited success but hell, you can always blame Bodyslims. For me, at least, it was always easier to do 100%. When I didn’t give it 100% I paid very dearly. Can I stay like this? I honestly don’t know. I never thought I’d be here in the first place. Like the Mayfly I have had my one glorious day – actually a month at this stage. It was worth every stagger and stumble and fall and one step forward and two steps back along the way.

Maybe my day will be as equally ephemeral as that of the Mayfly, but I fought very hard to get here and will fight even harder, on the beaches etc, down to my very last T shirt, never to go back to where I was. Could I have done it without Bodyslims? NO. Bodyslims worked for me. I am an average man. If it worked for me it will work for you, provided you work also. Do what Gerard says and you will succeed. Not easy but possible, and the result leaves you with a feeling you will never forget – something you will never want to lose. Some thanks are in order. At the top of my list must come my long suffering wife, Bernie. Behind every skinny man is a wonderful woman. I have been lucky in love. To Gerard I acknowledge my undying gratitude.

Even though he’s only a young lad he has been a major influence in my life. He is an old - school football manager, candid in his comments but always ready with a word of encouragement and praise. He gave me realistic targets I could aspire to, and urged me to keep chipping away and improving my personal best. I am lucky to have met him. Sharon and the other team members are the softer, feminine (sorry Sean and the lads), long suffering face of Bodyslims – the people I met every week across a crowded and unforgiving scales – who forgave me anyway and softened the blow and offered words of encouragement when most needed.

That famous Bodyslims legend, John Milton, wrote about them in his weight loss poem “Paradise Regained” when he said “They also serve who only stand and weigh”. I am very lucky to have met them. (Long-suffering women seem to be a recurring theme in my life. Is this something to worry about?) To my fellow Bodyslimmers: Thank you for being nice to me on my way down. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and good wishes. Well done to all of you. Keep chipping away. Yes you can! In a perfect world I should not be attending Bodyslims again – but I’m around long enough to know that the world isn’t and if that’s what it takes to stay feeling this good I would have no problem returning.

Bodyslims was the second best money I ever spent. Not a lot of people know this but I was actually a twenty year old athlete imprisoned in the wrong body. Bodyslims busted me out. Finally, thank you Kieran.

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